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July 16, 2012

Lo Seguitai Felice

Now THAT is the mindset of a 'down' lady (from the Vivaldi L'Olimpiade Opera, Act III, ‘Lo Seguitai Felice’):

Heureux, je l’ai suivi
quand le ciel était serein 
je veux encore le suivre 
les jours de tempête.


I followed him happily 
when the sky was cloudless, 
I shall still follow him 
when there are storms in his breast.

To have that type of fidelity from a female is overwhelmingly invaluable! Just sayin' ...


Nancy said...

I'm repeating my Facebook comment here because I think it is a valid point:

"I would dare to propose that that type of fidelity is overwhelmingly invaluable in either gender and in fact, in a truly committed relationship is not only invaluable but essential and inherent... it is in so many words, the core of the traditional wedding vow. To feel otherwise or even find this sentiment surprising or rare is a sad commentary on our society."

And also because I am madly in love with my husband for whom I would weather the fiercest storm, and he for me.

Anonymous said...

yes, that glorious type of steadfast fidelity is treasure
in either gender and a gift to
the one who receives such.

As of April 9th, 2010