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July 10, 2012

Incredible, Incredible Poet!

I discovered this Russian poet last week (he’s of the late Romantic period
). I cannot- not even remotely- express how utterly floored by his works I am. Philosophical, mystical, wreaking of love and spiritual undertones … this poet is a poet genius. You must, MUST seek out and read his works- or you’re missing out. (period)

Spring Storm
I love a storm in early May
When springtime's boisterous, firstborn thunder
Over the sky will gaily wander
And growl and roar as though in play.

A peal, another - gleeful, cheering...
Rain, raindust... On the trees, behold!-
The drops hang, each a long pearl earring;
Bright sunshine paints the thin threads gold.

A stream downhill goes rushing reckless,
And in the woods the birds rejoice.
Din. Clamour. Noise. All nature echoes
The thunder's youthful, merry voice.

You'll say: 'Tis laughing, carefree Hebe -
She fed her father's eagle, and
The Storm Cup brimming with a seething
And bubbling wine dropped from her hand.


Lorraine said...

I have not heard of the poet before...

BerlinerinPoet said...

Wow! Great selection! So glad I got a chance to read this.

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