The Poets

July 16, 2012

Lo Seguitai Felice

Now THAT is the mindset of a 'down' lady (from the Vivaldi L'Olimpiade Opera, Act III, ‘Lo Seguitai Felice’):

Heureux, je l’ai suivi
quand le ciel était serein 
je veux encore le suivre 
les jours de tempête.


I followed him happily 
when the sky was cloudless, 
I shall still follow him 
when there are storms in his breast.

To have that type of fidelity from a female is overwhelmingly invaluable! Just sayin' ...

July 10, 2012

Incredible, Incredible Poet!

I discovered this Russian poet last week (he’s of the late Romantic period
). I cannot- not even remotely- express how utterly floored by his works I am. Philosophical, mystical, wreaking of love and spiritual undertones … this poet is a poet genius. You must, MUST seek out and read his works- or you’re missing out. (period)

Spring Storm
I love a storm in early May
When springtime's boisterous, firstborn thunder
Over the sky will gaily wander
And growl and roar as though in play.

A peal, another - gleeful, cheering...
Rain, raindust... On the trees, behold!-
The drops hang, each a long pearl earring;
Bright sunshine paints the thin threads gold.

A stream downhill goes rushing reckless,
And in the woods the birds rejoice.
Din. Clamour. Noise. All nature echoes
The thunder's youthful, merry voice.

You'll say: 'Tis laughing, carefree Hebe -
She fed her father's eagle, and
The Storm Cup brimming with a seething
And bubbling wine dropped from her hand.

July 09, 2012

Purely From Curiosity

This was really hard to do, and there are hundreds of other poets I love apart from those named here, but I was just too curious. The order of this list no doubt changes with my daily mood or taste or even needs, but this is the official list of my top 20 favorite poets.

1.       Emily Dickinson
2.      John Milton
3.      William Butler Yeats 
4.      Theodore Roethke
5.       Rainer Maria Rilke
7.      Mathew Arnold
8.      Robert Hayden
9.      Christina Rossetti
16.   Sylvia Plath
19.   Wilfred Owen

Dickinson and Milton are the only two poets that alternate as my top favorite poet.

As of April 9th, 2010