The Poets

August 20, 2017

2017 Eclipse

.. faith without works is dead ..


Oh, let me not just overreach 
And force what You would have me learn
Unduly, early, what You teach
Despite my pensive yearn

Upon Your precious Word I fall
So eagerly, and wanting more
And yet, so calmly, comes Your call
To love as those of yore

So guide me, Lord, and show me how
To live a life of love as You
I’ll leave this ‘learning’ here and now
If You can draw me through


June 10, 2017

About a Dream I Had


These lift me through the airy height
These wings acquired through a night
Into a foreign world above
Of light and warmth and truth and love

What seems a dream are days gone by
When I knew nothing of the sky
Just toil on an earthly bed
And thoughts of milkweed in my head

But then I there within a husk
That dangled from an Aspen tusk
Began to form a different bent
That I knew not was Heaven meant

And now I’m lifted through this air
And though attaining beauty fair
The only thing that moves me now
Is that I share this flight somehow


Of the Poem

I think it was in 2008, but I was asleep one afternoon when in my dream these words- in both rhyme and meter- came to me: "But then I there within a husk / That dangled from an Aspen tusk". I woke up, I wrote them down, and for the next several weeks tried to give context to them in this poem above.

I chose the simple
rhyme scheme of aabb based on the scheme given me in the dream, and adhered to iambic tetrameter as the guiding meter for the same reason.

The works of
Emanuel Swedenborg heavily influenced the content and message of the poem, as did the idea of redemption.

I hope you guys enjoyed it.

As of April 9th, 2010