The Poets

November 01, 2010

Love Unrequited

I write, and yet I've never wrote
Of heart-felt pain that love has smote,
Or love undying skirting death
Whose deep-blue heart holds heavy breath.
I've never woeful had to write
Of love's dark unrequiting night,
Nor could I fathom this the day
That she would have me so dismayed ..

O my- alas! my heart in throes ..
My soul abandoned to its woes ..
For love long sought seems sought in vain,
And now I'm reeling here in pain.


Still, even in this pain I pine
To bind with her (her heart to know) ..
And this despite the dismal signs
That warn me she increases woe.



Livabug said...

Very beautifully put. Unrequited love's a bitch.

Nancy said...

I'm sad to think that this passionate rendering may be the result of a personal experience. My heart breaks for your heart. I know exactly how you feel.

~ sheva

SoThenItwas said...

Wonderfully written. Powerful, and yet still tame. As if a wounded warrior who is victorious in war, but defeated in love.

Michael Unbreakable said...

It's wonderful.

Da other Part of 'Zo said...

You've outdid yourself J-Dub. I feel as though I've been slacking with my pieces but you DEF smack the ish out me with this one! DEF one of my favs by you....From start to finish, this piece is on point lol...(Exits this screen to begin to write myself)

Obiterspeak said...

thank her, the night that makes you pine –
who makes you ache to know her love!
ne’er in vain do poets’ hearts incline
when even pain brings forth a dove!

Kendra Lise said...

I feel that sinking feeling in my stomach... the same one you might have felt as you wrote it. Powerful. Thank you for sharing.

As of April 9th, 2010