The Poets

October 15, 2009


that lucid dark
whose light is done
seems all its moons are crescent now

the fallen lark
and hidden sun
their lights are dimmed- and here is how

the Hope that youthful cherubs knew
the gleaming Truth by which they glew
they flew away from his abyss
where bleeding shadows waning hiss

and Love who once with him did dwell
that sacred nymph from yonder dell
she’s gone to live in Eden’s bliss
she’s fled, she’s fled from his abyss



John W. May said...

To glowed or not to glowed, that's the question ...

Past tense for blow: blew. Past tense for glow: glowed. Uh, not in this poem. I intentionally selected ‘glew’ in line eight. And I’m entirely okay with it.

Nancy said...

If you have a bunch of suds and take away all but one, what do you have? A sud? ....... A bubble!

What is the past tense of doomed? I am doomed.... Then when the doom arrives, am I "dumb?" "doometh?" "in doom?"

"Uh, not in this poem." -- I LOVE it! I am so glad you are okay with it!!! Though I must admit I did furrow my brow in puzzlement when I came across that word.... typo for "grew" ???? Hmmmmmm. Though I also did pass it off as a lack of understanding on my part, not an error on yours. PLEASE continue to take such delightful, creative, and original risks. Your poetry is fresh and distinctive. I am forever your loyal fan.

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