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June 21, 2009

My Daughter's Voice: A Father's Day Poem

Just wrote this this Father's Day morning. Today fathers and dads like myself are being lifted up and shown adoration; and yet I somehow suspect that for us fathers this day has little to do with ourselves, and everything to do family (especially our children). I’m sure this is a given, and may even sound cliché … but it had to be said.

This poem I dedicate to my daughter, Chelle (aka Chelles-Bells)

My Daughter's Voice

What hund’red times I must have heard
Her look to me and say the word
That erstwhile I would daily count,
And boast to all the day’s amount.
Ah, myriad a day I hear
That word that still provokes a tear-
Amazed how what my daughter voic’d
Could easy many burdens hoist.

But lo, the word is just a sound
That moves like wind above the ground,
That tinkers with my inner ear
So ‘daddy’ is that thing I hear.
Yet when I hear it I rejoice,
Because it’s this: my daughter’s voice.
This sound, this wind that in me whirl
Reminds me she’s my little girl …



Marinela said...

I enjoy reading what you write.

Doug P. Baker said...

That is so cool!!!

John W. May said...

Thank you so much for the kindness, Marinela and Doug P. Baker ...

I finished it just as my daughter was waking up. She sat by my and I read it to her: she smiled, gave me the biggest hug and 'I love you, daddy' ... it was one of the happiest moments I had this year.

Nancy said...

I love it, love it, love it when you said "for us fathers this day has little to do with ourselves, and everything to do family". If for that alone (though for so much more) I would think you were totally awesome! John, this poem is such a beautiful thing that Chelle can treasure her entire lifetime. What a gift!

Your imagery is top-notch. "The word is just a sound that moves like wind above the ground, that tinkers with my middle ear" - superb! And continuing with "this wind that in me whirl..." I LOVE it! But most of all I love the pride and love for your daughter that shines through with genuine joy. WELL DONE.

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