The Poets

April 26, 2009


WHAT SAD departure must we know
When western sun with ebbing glow
Descends behind that mountain row
And ladens us with missing woe

We would that you should comprehend
That we indeed shall miss you, friend
Our thoughts of you shall never end
Whose hearts your way shall ever bend

Perhaps we’ll see you rising east
And meeting once again can feast
With wine and bread devoid of yeast
Where lambs lie safe with king of beasts


Of the Poem:

Initially entitled ‘Three Quatrains’ only because an appropriate title eluded me. A friend suggested the above title- I liked it. It's original form was inspired by the departure of a friend.

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Nancy said...

I keep a copy of this poem on my desk and read it often (along with The Panther which continues to hypnotize me). I love all of your works and have many favorites, but this remains a top pick. I always thought it was about Jesus until reading your snippet on this post... Must have been a special friend to inspire such beauty. LYMYAAF

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