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April 26, 2009

Ocean Sky

THE VAULTED blue above the girl,
Who hand in hand with father went,
Produced in her a happy twirl-
A dancing she knew not what meant.

This blue expanse she did adore,
Whose happy clouds did haply sore
To-ward higher place, and even more-
The Heaven where the cherubs tour.

She marveled at that ocean sky-
The blue her father did not see.
It begged in her the question why
It only caused in her a glee.

But then her father saw a bird,
And seen the sky beyond its view.
He nudged his girl with loving word:
That blue sky there to me is you.


Of the Poem:

This poem is inspired by and dedicated to Chelle, my little girl and my favorite person in the whole wide world ...

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Kendra Lise said...

Beautiful. I've found it's so hard to comment on great poetry and have the comment truly express what I experience while I read. Glad to see you on here.

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