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August 05, 2014

Of Clouds

Clouds Within

The clouds, rolling in on that solemn day,
As if to deliver the dire news,
Approached my gray zenith to mourn with me ...

And rained.

And I remembered your most godly ways,
And then loathed myself for our little time;
And as the dreadful clouds within grew dark ...
I wept.
Dedicated to my grandmother ... miss you.

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Rain-in-the-Face said...

I surfed onto your blog and as is my habit, I looked at your archives for 2011. The image you selected for your poem of 27 December 2011 "Sleep", connects to a grace-some fact about a doll that belonged to Denise Ann Darvall that weeps tears of ink.

Who was Denise Darvall? The owner of the most famous heart on Earth: after the sacred heart that is.

Thought I'd share the story in case your faith is drooping with all that is going on in this world.

As of April 9th, 2010