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April 28, 2014

The Dying Sun

White Dwarf 

When hydrogen atoms in the sun start to wane
The sun will fuse helium, although so in vain
For the helium fusion might maintain the core
But the core can’t persist, at least not as before

As the helium hub becomes sickly and dense
Before carbonic fusion will rise and commence
A luminous glow will overwhelm the sun’s shell
And the sun’s outer layers will violently swell

On the earth desiccation will gradually grow
And her oceans of blue will run rapidly low
With the death of all plant life resulting from this
Comes the end of all life forms, and earth’s former bliss

Now the sun will continue to swell and expand
Until fusion to carbon is closer at hand
Then the core will compress as its red outer shroud
Is dispersed out to space as an ionized cloud

And then there, in the midst of amaryllis hues
In the midst of those violets and scarlets and blues
Lies a core of carbon overwhelmingly bright
That will persist like the sun in vacuous night


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