The Poets

March 12, 2013


The Spires

I think they're vulgar, those stately spires,
That raise their heads up to the sky-
The boast of bygone, lost empires
That once against the heavens vied.

Like Babel and that wretched tower
That dared in vain God's heaven reach,
As if they held some sovereign power
To flank the Gates and set some breach!

So yes, these ‘modern' symbols pain me-
They seem disdainful, haughty, rude …
And when I see them vaulted vainly,
I shake my head and mumble, dude


1 comment:

Doug P. Baker said...

I so totally agree! On a visit to the town where I grew up this week, I was surprised to see how many such spires there are. And I felt somehow sad to think of people gathering in the buildings under them. What has this proud architecture to do with the humility to which Christ calls us?

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