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October 26, 2012

The Maple

When times of desperation greet me
With tempest and with livid storm
And violent winds wish to defeat me 
And swallow me within their swarm

I will remember where I’m rooted
And there with courage will abide
And though the winds my leaves have looted
Maintain my faith though it be tried

So let the darkest storm clouds thunder
Let rain and wind their havocs wreak
The world around me wide will wonder
How I am strong, yet seem so meek


Of the Poem:

Meter: Nine syllables with lines 1 and 3, tetrameter with 2 and 4
Rhyme Scheme: abab per stanza

The idea came from a parable Arthur Schopenhauer (I think it was Schopenhauer) told about a pine tree- the point of the parable being that pines, though they're not the most becoming of trees, are nobler because they're less susceptible to change unlike other, more beautiful, deciduous trees.

The reason for the poem, unfortunately, is a tough time I'm going through (a sort of reminder to myself to be strong) .


Regina said...

This is thick wholesome honey, John. Makes me think of a line from a favourite song by Michael Franks: "But we are Trees not Vines, you know..."

DEZMOND said...

this was delightful, John, you're a master of rhymes! /bowsroyaly/

Nancy said...

Powerful imagery and deep emotion. I love this poem. It speaks to a deep place that many are familiar with.

Sorry about the tough spot, John, but glad for the strength that will pull you through. Sending prayers your way.

Also, just found this tucked in a book. Written around 1997-1998 or so. Not related, but thought I'd share it with my favorite poetry muse. Here goes:

Touch - soft, fleeting, teasing
Sweet, delicious shivers dance along my spine
A glance pierces the soul and reaches the eternity of spirit
The promise of ecstasy strips the breath from my body
Dizzying illusions collide between realities
Iridescent bubbles floating tenuously upon the currents of wind
All and nothing intertwined as one
Here today... tomorrow never comes.

WILLstradamus said...

This poem is right on time for me. Good work brotha. Good work.

As of April 9th, 2010