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September 24, 2012

No Longer Mute

Wow … after a grueling 3 months of Muselessness, out of nowhere Calliope appears! 

Of a Mute 

He walks- in speechlessness he lulling strolls
Investigating gnarly twigs that fell
And fall'n autumn leaves that languish, lacking souls
Is he within a heaven, or he a hell 

The world around him-animated- threats
And he, a foreigner to it doth shy
As too the loneliness that in me frets
I know his state removed from all, but why

Is he, like me, in dreadful mystic state
Is worldly beauty too much for him to bear
Receiving it with joy, but too with fear

Or, and God forbid I ask, is his fate
A curse? Or even worse- does Life not care
That he's caught between the Now and Nowhere


Of the Poem (Parameters) 

Stanza: A hybrid between an English sonnet and a French sonnet
Meter: Pentameter (line 10, however, has ten and a half syllables)
Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd eff eff

Side Note

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that I thought I was suffering Rimbaud's fate (a very famous French Symbolist poet who, at the age of 19, abruptly ceased to write poetry for the rest of his life).

The poem, done within 30 minutes after a 3 month dry spell, was inspired by a neighbor boy who is autistic (I think) and very quiet and very, very standoffish. It’s not about him, but definitely influenced by him.


Lorraine said...


BerlinerinPoet said...

What a comeback post!
Inspired by your neighbor, but perhaps with a touch of your own three month bout of silence?

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