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August 31, 2012

Muselessness & Rilke

I wrote, a few days ago on Facebook, the following: "Museless since June. God forbid the thought that I become like Rimbaud and never write a poem again …"

A poet friend of mine responded: “
Don't worry...she will return. I've had long dry spells too....but I found that reading more poetry helps get the juices flowing again or at least helps fertilize the imagination for future work.

So I've decided that, uh, on the advice of Mr. Daniel Klawitter, I'd see if a heavy dose of Rilke can shake things up … 


BerlinerinPoet said...

Always a great choice! I'm going through a similar dry spell myself. As is another bloggy friend of mine. Must be the season?

P.J. said...

If one write with a muse in life, one should be able to write without one too; it just become the opposite perspective.

"Museless" could be a great opening word for a poem, or as a theme in general.

Museless, cold, with no blood running between my skin and bone, I sit and think about the times that was before. The score was tied, now it's - once again - a long way to go. This I know, but all I can do is moan. My spirit left me and now I am alone. An Island in the stream, I rather wish I was a stone that could roll.

And then the collection begins.

Well, I don't know. To write spontaneously in english might not be the best way when english isn't your mother tongue.

Anyway, I hope you find your words again.

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