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March 12, 2012

On Jagged Heights

On Jagged Heights

When black infernal smoke ascends
To amber skies ablaze
And thousands fall by warfare cruel
And death brings crueler days

When bombs fall hard upon the earth
Obliterating life
When winter from the fallout comes
And suffering is rife

To craggy cliffs and jagged heights
Determined I will flee
And live, persist, on mountain tops
Alone, alive, and free



C. said...

you are a beautiful writer.

Lorraine said...

yeah, I just stop listening to the news...
the human race cannot control itself...

P.J. said...

Lovely as always! Do you post most of the poems you write, or do you have lots of drafts lying around?

Anyway, one question: do you have any idea of how old poetry is? I know it is almost impossible to know, but I have written (in my paper) that it is as old as ancient Mesopotamia and occurred since there wasn't any fully developed writing language and therefore they used meter and rhyme to remember the poems (this make it even harder to know its age).
This is just something I have got myself hung up on. The important thing is to explain rather why and how, than when, I suppose. And it is just a part of a somewhat short background of the history of poetry (... which is quite big when the chips are down).

BerlinerinPoet said...

Considering all the horror and pain over in Afghanistan right now this poem is timely as well as beautiful. Thank you!

WILLstradamus said...

Ok. It's official: I want to be like JWM when I grow up! Lol. I appreciate how you so eloquently modernize poetry of the past with your adroit style. Ridiculously good man!

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