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January 17, 2012


Nap of the Earth

The threat was real enough to shun
And so, when OBL was done
The dragonflies with speed were out
Though left behind was one

They hugg’d and napp’d the moonlit earth
Like deep-blue desert winds with mirth
And low along the waypoint’s route
Return’d the ones of worth


Of the Poem (Parameters and a Brief Note):

Quatrain, Rubaiyat (two total)
Meter: Per stanza, lines 1 through 3 are tetrameter, the 4th a trimeter.
Rhyme Scheme: aaba ccbc (heavily influenced by the
Rubaiyat model)

Napping the earth is a low level flying technique utilized by pilots to elude radar or ground detection. The pilot, especially helicopter pilots, will take their craft as low as they can to the earth’s surface and will move evasively along and through the terrain.

Abbottabad raid on Osama bin Laden took place in the dark early hours of the morning. The risk levels for the soldiers piloting the helicopters was extremely, extremely high- especially napping the earth at rapid speeds to get safely back to Bagram Airbase. That is the glimpse taken by this poem. I know- it’s different, but I hope you like it …

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John W. May said...

It's amazing to me that no one will comment on this poem. I truly wonder why? I suspect I know ... but where's the outside voice?

The same is also true of other poems I've written (e.g. The Kingbird’s Omen).

Curious, indeed ...

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