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December 05, 2011

Props to Rilke

Gotta give props to Rilke- one of the most gifted German poets I’ve come to know (way better, in my opinion, than Hölderlin). His works are bleak, raw, ethereal, and astonishingly simple in their complexity. If ever a poet were to be called existential, it would be him.

Happy belated birthday, brotha ...


There’s a poem of his that I keep with me in my wallet- it’s called the Ninth Elegy. There’s a specific quote in it that I always try to remember while I’m writing a poem:

"Praise this world to the angel, not the unsayable one; you can't impress him with glorious emotion; in the universe where he feels more powerful, you are a novice. Show him something simple which, formed over generations, lives as our own, near our hand and within our gaze."

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Glynis said...

Rilke is my kindred for sure. No poet has ever spoken to me as clearly or with as much wisdom as he has done.

This one is one of my favourites of his.


Take me by the hand;
it’s so easy for you, Angel,
for you are the road
even while being immobile.

You see, I’m scared no one
here will look for me again;
I couldn’t make use of
whatever was given,

so they abandoned me.
At first the solitude
charmed me like a prelude,
but so much music wounded me.

As of April 9th, 2010