The Poets

March 30, 2011

Bums Me Out

It seems that there’s a glitch with my HTML that’s preventing me from spacing my sentences and editing potential posts appropriately. Unfortunately, what this means is that, until I reconcile the problem, I won’t be making any posts (believe me, this sucks) …


Carla M. Turner said...

Mine has been doing this for a very long time. I just work around it, with much frustration at times. If you find out why, please let us know.

John W. May said...

I'll try to work something out, and if I figure out what the cause of this is I'll contact you immediately.

btw: how have you been working around it?

sireneatspoetry said...

I have been having the same issue. For some reason when I attempt to size text, when published, the page essentially does what it wants.

I have also been having this issue on Wordpress. Aggravating!

Hope you come back soon.

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