The Poets

October 04, 2010

The Cold

I've never shunned a winter day
And feel I never will
But last year when I rode a sleigh
There came a bitter chill

An apparition cold as hell
Crept quick into my vein
And just as I thought all was well
My freezing soul was slain



Nancy said...

Slain by a sleigh... did you do that on purpose?

Jack Kung said...

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Kendra Lise said...

John, I love this clever little piece of art. I feel haunted by the cold now. And now inspired to begin a winter poem. Hmm...

PJ said...

Wow, really good. I wrote a winter poem some days ago, too. The winds of autumn bite me and reminded me of winter.

Tim Shey said...

I liked your poem and the painting.

As of April 9th, 2010