The Poets

July 07, 2010


Tis not of thee, thy gentle light,
That luminates this brooding night,
But undeniably of Him,
Without whom all this world is dim.
And yet with thee, as if ordained,
His sacred light glows uncontained;
And though thou seemest sep'rate sphere,
A oneness with Him bright is there.
O mortal light, eternal sign,
O light that on this darkness shine,
Am I to find in thee a hope,
A hint from this thy blesséd cope,
That I mere mortal flesh might strive
To take on light again and thrive?
For in thee I see symbols said,
And by thy light am inly led
To Him whom I have yet to view-
The source of all thy pearly hue.

O would that I could know thy state
And share with thee, O moon, thy fate-
Be one with that belovéd Sun,
And all this darkness round me shun.



Da other Part of 'Zo said...

Man, you're writing is urbane but I digress. To answer your question, I began writing as outlet. By nature, I'm an aesthetic, logical thinker. With writing, it's just my lifestyle in motion via pen (computer).

PJ said...

Oh, nice poem. Great rhythm.

cheryl said...


Me thinks this is your best one yet!

Obiterspeak said...

Exquisite shade of blue and moonlit hew.

John W. May said...

Hey guys, thank you so much for the kind words.

This particular poem had been in my mind for awhile ... something tells me, despite the fact that I posted this version here, something tells me I'm not quite finished with the idea behind this poem.

As of April 9th, 2010