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January 13, 2010

Carefully: by Jessica Doss

Negative thoughts lead to negative actions then can't be erased.... Trying to move carefully yet at a faster pace... Hiding from the truth cuz secure in the lie... There's no chance at failure when you don't even try... Shackled in the sky by our own understanding... To paralyzed to take off by fear of the landing... Fear keeps you safe from great life experience... The awareness learned might be worth the risk if you're really feelin it.. Subject to personal perception but lacking the self reflection... Questions ever puzzled down the right path with indirect directions... Unwrapped barely naked longing for internal embrace... So blinded by fear that your comfort I can't seem to take... Slowing towards the end quickly yet powerless to stop... Guess the question will be answered are these feelings we caught...

Of the Poem (Brief Summary & Thanks):

The poem above was submitted by a friend of mine, Jessica Doss. In it is found a tension that consumes the speaker, a tension between stagnation as a result of fear, and a latent but new hope that looks upon the possibility of a great life experience.

The poem employs to a great extent the use of cognitive terminologies: thoughts, understanding, awareness learned, perception, reflection, etc. This indicates a contemplative aspect of the poem that the poet wishes to relay. The opening line immediately discloses the poem's creed: all action comes from thought, and, after having come, is then indelibly marked onto the soul.

When coupled with the negative predicates of the poem- failure, fear, naked, blinded, powerless- its contemplative nature takes on a sort of existential desperation, one that painfully desires change and reformation (a change and reformation that no doubt must occur at the aforementioned level of thought itself).

Before the poem concludes there's a reference to an obscure figure: your comfort I can't seem to take. The line prior to this speaks of a longing for internal embrace, so my personal conclusion is that the figure in the following line is God Himself (or some other spiritual import).

As always, it excites me when someone honors me with a chance to read their works, their poems. Where deliberate effort is put into a work- especially where these efforts pertain to aspects of human existence and the world within which we live- I take special care to acknowledge it.

So thank you, Jessica, for sharing your poem here.

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Jesspurrfect said...

I just wanted to thank you John for sharing my work. I rarely share the things I write for fear of someone misunderstanding what emotions and/or situations I feel I need to convey. Your analysis of my poem was unbelievably accurate. I wanted to elaborate on the personal situation that inspired "Carefully": At the time I wrote this poem I was in a place I had never been in my previous 30 years. It was exciting, beautiful and terrifying all at once. I was trying to express to whomever read it that I was scared, confused and full of doubt but at the same time I had never been more sure of anything I have ever done before or since. I needed to share with the person along for the ride with me that it was going to be okay, that sometimes things don't look like what we plan or go at a pace we are comfortable with but that doesn't mean it isn't exactly how it is suppose to be and this was a rare occasion where it was to good to be true but actually was. I didn't want them to be too busy judging and analyzing it that they missed a once in a life time chance to experience something so remarkable. Unfortunately but perfectly that is exactly what happened but we learn. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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