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September 18, 2009

A Few Single Stanza/Poems

Speaking of single stanza poems, here’s a few that I think are pretty good (poet’s names included):


To the ever-rising sun
There is no time, no age-
Tomorrow yesterday are one;
That which was as is to be
Doth with now as one become.
From whence we glean infinity.

Edwin A. Ackerman


Memory is a fragile thing;
A bee’s honey, and its sting.

Violet Wiggins Newton

Night is so Long

A strip of void fastened to my window frame,
And one assertive star;
Chasing me, purging me in its white flame,
Where all tomorrows are.

Mary Caluori


Some are true;
Others are not.
They’ll either love you,
Or what you’ve got.

Bea Myers

Stoic True*

Although you’ve read Chrysippus through-
And studied Epictetus too-
This doesn’t make you Stoic true,
Until you do what Stoics do.

John W. May

Hilltop Chapel

Those barless prison walls of Delta camp
Were not as frightening as one would deem.
Indeed, there I received the Spirit’s stamp,
And on hilltop chapel seen angels gleam.

Johm W. May


With a crumpled ear and a crooked tail
And a stripped coat, like they wear in jail,
I may not amount to so very much
But still I’d like to make it clear:
I’ve earned my bed and board for life;
I caught a mouse . . . last year!

Billie Marie Crabb


It delights me through- this thing that bothered me a little in the past- to know that the idea of a single subject (a subject that could easily fill volumes) can be so beautifully conveyed in so short a poem. Not that I hadn’t known this before, but to see it reinforces the knowledge that it’s so.

* For the pronunciation of Chrysippus and Epictetus


Nancy said...

Memory... wow! that is beautiful and oh so true
Friends... it's not what you've got
Stoic True... but you do
Hilltop Chapel... Praise you Jesus for the Spirit's stamp. The angels are still glowing.

I love your poems, John. I'm always happy when you share original work. Never stop.

Kendra Lise said...

Thank you so much, John, for sharing what you've found and admired and also for posting what comes from your head. It is truly incredible the amount of emotion that is emitted from only a few lines... and to me, it is vital.

Tamya said...

This is great formy brother

Kois Muhammad Irpan said...

its... Beautiful Poems

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