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August 26, 2009

My Daughter's First Poem

This poem below was written by my daughter about a year ago (in fact, it is the unedited version of her very first poem).

Apart from the fact this is my little girl’s first poem, I like it because it reflects an innocence and a joy of the earth that adult life seldom remembers; it is pure, and its simplicity is so powerful that intellectual critique is not only powerless, but offensive.

I posted this poem on Facebook on April 20th, the 10 year anniversary of the school shooting at Columbine. I thought to myself there:

Remembering the tragedy of Columbine on this day 10 years ago had me remember this poem. I post it only to show how simple, how beautiful the mind of a child is. I'm certain God wouldn't mind my saying that it's almost scripture. It's certainly divine.

This truly is my favorite poem. Thank you Chells-Bells.

Today it’s going to be a wonderful day
Nature is pretty in all ways
Clouds are puffy and trees are greenish
The grass is green
The sun is really bright
And our families protect us in every single way


Nancy said...

A beautiful poem with sweet innocence and deep wisdom. I love her positive and grounded attitude that shines throughout. Great job Dad! I enjoyed it when posted on FB and so happy you have shared it here.

John W. May said...

That's so very kind of you to say- I've been meaning to ask: how are your little ones?

Nancy said...

They are wonderful and awesome- you have competition! They also drive me crazy- hmmm, sounds familiar (though in a much different way). And quickly becoming not so little. Man, do they grow fast and does time really fly! When do they get to meet you? :o)

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